About me

To expand a little bit on the short bio that can be found somewhere here on the website, I decided to do a longer “about me” type of page. Not really sure why the author bio widget that I installed, if these thingies are called “widgets”, why doesn’t it show where I want it to show. Again I’m new to this whole web page building business, so be patient please.

My name is Johnny Wheeler and I’m a 34 year old barmen from New Orleans originally, but I currently live and work in Los Angeles. Growing up in New Orleans my family, and by that I mean my mom and me, we didn’t really have a lot of money. She, my mom Julie, raised me by herself, and I was just lucky to have a roof over my head, something to eat on the table and heating in winter time.

As I finished high school I decided I’m going to make it big in the sunshine state so I moved to Los Angeles. I know what you’re thinking, I thought that the sunshine state was California. But I did want to move to California, I just didn’t know that it wasn’t called the sunshine state. Anyway, I’m still trying to make it big in the “sunshine state”, but I’m pretty happy with my job.

Growing up in New Orleans the way I did has really made me appreciate cheap and easy to make food, which is the reason why I love sandwiches so much. This website is my little nod to my favorite type of food, which always brings back so many fond memories from my childhood. It wasn’t always great, but I did always have my poboys. I hope you stick around and enjoy reading this website as much as I’ll have eating sandwiches and talking about them. Cheerio.