Getting in touch with me should be pretty straightforward. I have an email address here on my website. It’s:

That’s where you’ll be able to get in touch with me the fastest. Email seems to me like a new thing, but to younger generations who have snapchats, twitters, tik-toks and what-nots email probably looks like pen and paper looks to me. An outdated technology. Ah, they will never know the amazing sounds that computers made when they connected to the internet using dial-up. The squeaking and squealing, and waiting half an hour to download a song.

But I digress and if you don’t know how to use email, I’ve also setup for you a contact form. I hope I’ve done everything properly so that this freakin’ thing actually works. I know that a good chunk of you won’t want go through the who ordeal of copying the email address above, pasting it into your email client and let’s not forget that you also need to actually write the email there. So here’s shortcut for all of you who lazies like me. I hope to here from you soon.