This page is dedicated to photographs of, you’ve guessed it, sandwiches. I never really got into selfies, social media, and all that, but I will take photos of sandwiches. Now truth be told, not all of these photos are mine. Some are just photos of various sandwiches that I found on the internet that I thought look really cool.

I’ll keep this page updated with new photos as I collect them. There’ll be a bunch of new photos posted every time that I come back from a trip. Just recently and I went to New Orleans for Christmas holidays, and there I took a bunch of photos of some amazing looking sandwiches, including some of the poboys, Johnnys old favorites when it comes to sandwiches. Take a look at these photos down below and let me know what you think. Also I hope you keep close tabs on this page, because I plan on keeping it updated on a somewhat regular basis.