Johnny’s Po-Boys is a New Orleans French Quarter Landmark.

Established in 1950. Located in the heart of the  French Quarter at 511 St. Louis Street, where it has continued out it’s 3rd generation Legacy.

Johnnny’s began in early 1950 when Johnny DeGrusha and his wife Betty opened a grocery store and sandwhich shop at 506 Charters. Later that same year a larger location became available around the corner at 511 Saint Louis Street. The business continues to thrive at this location and is now in its third generation of family.

Following Katrinia, Johnny’s, re-open it’s doors on October 31st 2005. In an effort to help rebuild the city.

Johnny’s has always made everything fresh daily. That tradition continues today, from our Creole Red Beans & Rice,slow cooked Roast Beef, Cajun Seafood Gumbo and including our Muffaletta’s. Johnny’s is sure to please your palete with the largest selections of over-stuffed po-boys in the city, as well as our Breakfast & plate- lunches.

Now we talk French Bread. Mr. Johnny has always used a local vender named Leidehimer, owned by the Whann Family. It is the best! Having done it the same way also for since the 1950. Our muffelatta bread come from their also, we will talk about later.

Now where else will you find seafood fried  in our special blend of  seasoning, but right here. Using yellow & white flour mixtures along with spices, they are fried crispy and juicy.  As a po-boy, it does not get any better than that. The seafood includes shrimp, oyster, catfish, crawfish, crabcakes, softshell crab.

Seafood is what New Orleans prides itself on. It is local vendors that keep our economy going.  Oysters from P.J. Oyster House, Des Allmend Catfish, and Shrimp, right here! Tourist & locals come in especially for the seafood.

When Johnny’s first started, Mr. Johnny fed the workers on the River,  courthouse workers,Jax Brewery, and workers from the Royal Orleans and also the local & tourist.  He opened at 7:00 a.m and closed sometimes at 10:00 p.m As, the workers got off, they needed dinner, so he provided hot meals for them. Red Beans & Rice, Gumbo, Fried chicken, Meatballs & Spaghetti, and a favorite, Hamburger Steak with grilled onions.  These meals are still offered today. Having been written up as GoodHousekeeping”,………..

The walls are covered will history and great awards through the years.

Now to get to the muffalettas. They are a sandwich on their own. Filled with ham, Imported Salami, Mozzeralla Cheese, & topped with an olive salad. This old time favorite of many has come a long way. Now we fill the Italian Bread type with Seafood.  A twist for the tourist and locals too.

For the breakfast lover, we have it all. Eggs, pancakes, & omelets. Some tourist get an egg breakfast with catfish! We also serve home made French bread French toast, grits, hasbrowns, and the best homemade biscuits in the city.